EP81: AC/DC – The Complete Bon Scott Discography


Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 6.32.06 PM

If you don’t love AC/DC,  your taste in music cannot be trusted and as any aficionado will tell you, that love stems from their first five albums recorded with legendary singer Bon Scott.  Sadly he died in 1980 at 33 just as the band was set to record Back in Black, the album that would go on to sell 50 million copies and make them international superstars.  As we have with past episodes (Black Sabbath w/ Ozzy Osbourne EP32 & Van Halen w/ David Lee Roth EP55) we discuss the band’s best work with their original singer and also pay tribute to the late great Malcom Young their co-founder & rhythm guitarist who passed away a year ago on November 18 2017).
RIP Malcom
Recommended Listening
If You Want Blood..You’ve Got It
Dropkick Murphys It’s A Long Way to the Top
Henry Rollins and the Hard-Ons Let There Be Rock

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