EP25: Metallica VINYL CAGE MATCH “Ride the Lightning” vs “Master of Puppets”


EP25- Metallica

Whatever you think about them today, once upon a time Metallica were considered extreme and slightly scary.  They introduced the NWOBHM, the Misfits, GBH and HP Lovecraft to millions of disenfranchised suburbanites from Orange County to Skokie Illinois and changed the way kids heard heavy music.  They were never more influential than between 1984 and 86 when they were at the height of their powers.  For this episode we attempt the impossible by pitting their two masterpieces, 84’s Ride The Lightening against 86’s Master of Puppets against each other and see which one is still standing after a heated track-by-track battle.

One thought on “EP25: Metallica VINYL CAGE MATCH “Ride the Lightning” vs “Master of Puppets”

  1. metallica after thrash kill em all we saw ride the lightning (my favorite) than we see master of puppets (best) when we combineded these 2 albums, we made ride the puppets or master of lightning. well, ride the puppets did win, but there are a lot of other albums out there like load.


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