EP241: Fifteen Perfect Albums

What makes an album perfect?  No skippable songs?  A front to back cohesive listen?  An emotional through line?  The answer lies in the ear of the beholder.  We each make the argument for five that we think are perfect tens. RIP Bob Nalbandian

Recommended Listening: 

EP12:  Beastie Boys VINYL CAGE MATCH “Check Your Head” vs “Ill Communication”

EP16:  Naked Raygun – Complete Discography 

EP60:  Bad Religion “Suffer”

EP62:  Agnostic Front “Victim in Pain”

EP65:  Descendents  – Complete Discography 

EP66:  Slayer “Reign in Blood”

EP106:  Guns n’ Roses “Appetite For Destruction” 


1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

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