EP233BS: Black Sabbath “Born Again”

After eight classic album with Ozzy Osbourne (ok, six plus “Technical Ecstasy” & “Never Say Die”) and two very strong releases with Ronnie James Dio, it was former Deep Purple singer Ian Gillian’s turn to take the mic for Black Sabbath’s eleventh studio album.  Apart from the bands name, that release has little in common with their previous efforts.  Mike and Dave discuss the good, bad and bizarre of those differences and why they should have probably named the band Black Purple for this release.    

RIP Paul Ruebens 

RIP Bob Nalbandian

Recommended Listening: 

Depeche Mode “New Life”


“Zero the Hero” covers:

Cannibal Corpse: https://open.spotify.com/track/278ppsGkLLPCexii6E5JEE?si=180f50401368403a

Godflesh:  https://open.spotify.com/track/6RshSckKoySYLbospztkiy?si=c43372a19a814447

Charles Bradley “Changes” 

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