EP211: The Charlatans “Some Friendly”

We spent last episode Shoegazing and this week we’re tripping in our bucket hats all the way to Madchester to talk about The Charlatans 1990 debut.   Known in the States for the bands lone radio hit,  “The Only One I Know,” the band was a smash in their native England where a full blown scene of drug taking, baggy clothes wearing, dancing to the break of dawn Brits was sweeping the nation.  The Charlatans, along with with The Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, The Happy Mondays & 808 State were the soundtrack.  But how does this stuff hold up today?  Pretty damn well actually.    

Recommended Listening :

Inspiral Carpets 

808 State “Cubik”

Happy Monday Bummed 

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin God fodder


Spirea X

RIP Bob Nalbandian

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