EP209: Television “Marquee Moon”

Never Mind the Bullocks, Rocket to Russia, Animals, Low, My Aim is True, Heroes, Rumours and yes, Aja all came out in 1977 and Television’s Marquee Moon might be the best of all of them.  It’s punk but atmospheric, arty but accessible, full of attitude but emotional, catchy but virtuosic.  It’s the masterpiece that hides in the shadows, sneaks up on you and then stays with you for the rest of your life.  We find a variety of ways to express this sentiment over and over again for an hour and half.  Enjoy!  

RIP Tom Verlaine 

RIP Bob Nalbandian

Recommended Listening :

Omertà 68 

Zero Days Without Incident

Sunn O))) 

Metta Benevolence BBC6 Music


Bernard Purdie

Purdie Good

The Best of Mod Jazz

The Greg Kihn Band 

“The Breakup Song”

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