EP204: Deafheaven VINYL CAGE MATCH “Sunbather” vs “Infinite Granite”

When Metallica’s “Black Album” was released in 1991 Glenn and I looked at each other with confusion and exclaimed “There’s no Metallica in my Metallica!”  Gone were the screaming vocals, the long overly complicated song structures and pissed off aggression.  I had this same feeling again in 2021 with the release of Deafheaven’s “Infinite Granite.”  It was a far cry from their 2013 masterpiece “Sunbather” (their “Master of Puppets” if you will) and I was confused and a little bit sad though I quickly came around.  Being unfamiliar with the band or either record, neither Glenn nor Rod endured such a burden so I thought, “let’s get their unbiased take” by pitting the two records against each other in a VINYL CAGE MATCH and that’s exactly what we did.  The results surprised me.  Turns out those guys have pretty good taste.      

Recommended Listening

Alcest Souvenirs dun autre monde

Ride Nowhere

RIP Bob Nalbandian




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