EP156: Black Flag “Damaged”

Black Flag’s 1981 debut is one of the most important documents of early hardcore and helped laid the blueprint for the shape of the Punk that was to come.  Their DIY sensibility, relentless touring schedule and unparalleled work ethic are legendarily but none of it would still be talked about today if the music didn’t kick-ass and it most certainly does that.  Never before or since has the band’s sound and worldview been more perfectly captured than on the fifteen urgently punishing tracks that play almost like a greatest hits record over the 35 minutes of this iconic masterpiece.    
Recommended Listening 
St. Vitus Thirsty &  Miserable https://open.spotify.com/track/41zzjEyRVXEb3YYa3D8Pni

Spotify Playlist:  https://open.spotify.com/user/1298220429/playlist/4gy1wWwypkoFS2lUztvZ44?si=waSq07DBQlq3x9G1_nK0pg

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