EP134: Motörhead “Ace of Spades” – Soundtrack to the Apocalypse Vol. 20

Lemmy famously introduced each of the band’s gigs by stating “We’re Motörhead and we play Rock ’n Roll.”  They were certainly that, but also a whole lot more.  Beloved by punks, metalheads, bikers, punters and rockers alike they had a singular style and were wholly unique.  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of their 4th LP we dig deep into their best selling and most well known release.
RIP Pete Way
Recommended Listening
Headgirl Please Don’t Touch
Iron Fist 
No Remorse 
Probot Shake Your Blood
Perfecta Trifecta
Mike:  Childrens Hospital  (TV show)
Rod:  Fishing (hobby) 
Glenn:  Antifa:  The  Anti-Fascist Handbook (book)

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