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EP89: The Stooges “Fun House”

Before the Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash or The Damned there was The Stooges.  They were punk before punk but they were also, Garage Rock, Psychedelia, Hard Rock, Blues and Acid Jazz.  They created a genre all their own and couldn’t be defined by any one adjective.  Iggy Pop, Dave Alexander, Steve Mackay and the Asheton brothers (and later James Williamson) were possibly the greatest Rock ’N Roll band of all time and Fun House is their crowning achievement.
Recommended Listening
Down On the Street
Rage Against the Machine
Blake Babies
T.V. Eye
Radio Birdman
Depeche Mode
The Damned
Fun House
The Birthday Party
L.A. Blues
The Icarus line
Jim Jarmusch:  Gimmie Danger
Legs McNeil:  Please Kill Me
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