EP78: Voivod “Killing Technology”

“GO S**T I‘M NOT A FISH!!!” It’s a Voivod episode!  In the wake of their recently released new album (coincidently titled The Wake) we are finally getting around to one of our all-time favorite underground Thrash/Prog/Psych/Metal bands and discussing their career pinnacle third album.   Recommended Listening War and Pain https://open.spotify.com/album/4j6OB2QdyYFHeLfHey4By7?si=YD4-SEfJRtijBC9sUxBNCw   Rrroooaaarrr!!! https://open.spotify.com/album/2FAxSU3fhGqMKeBPneh0Mb?si=x8DyF-sISR-bpXVBYfTW2Q   Dimension … Continue reading EP78: Voivod “Killing Technology”