EP56: Jawbreaker VINYL CAGE MATCH “Unfun” vs “Dear You”


Jawbreaker VS

Upon the release of their debut album Unfun in 1990 Jawbreaker was almost instantly beloved.  They were embraced by the DIY punk rock community so fanatically that hardcore devotes of the band became known as “The Cult of Blake” a nod to their love of singer/guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach’s confessional, first person lyrics.  When they released ’95’s Dear You on a major label the rough edges had been smoothed and the production radio-friendly, the backlash was fierce.  Long time fans burned their records and famously sat on the floor with their backs to the band during the tour for the album.  They broke up shortly after and never released another album.  On episode 56 we go back and discuss both records, pitting them against each other to determine if Unfun is really as good or Dear You as bad as they were originally considered some 20+ years ago.

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