EP39: The Clash – Complete Discography

The Clash - Complete Discography

The Clash were famously once deemed “the only band that matters” and through about 3/4 of their discography it’s pretty easy to make that case.  But what about the remaining 1/3?  We go album by album to re-evaluate the great, the slightly less than great and the triple album filler to determine if the only band that matters still matters some 40 years after their debut.

Recommended Listening:
Black Market Clash
London Calling Legacy Edition (The Vanilla Tapes)
Sandinista Now!
The Clash at Bond’s Casino 
Mikey Dread
Spotify Playlist: The Only Band that Matters 
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg
The Clash on Broadway: The Interviews

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