EP19: JAMC: Vinyl Cage Match “Psychocandy VS Darklands


At some point in their formative years the JAMC realized that “electric guitars, when paired with high amplifier volume and harmonic distortion, could create feedback thereby producing a musical bed that allowed the actual players to stand around looking half dead, depressed and generally too contemptuous and disgusted to really bother playing, all of which seemed in 1985 totally super awesome.”  This is how one music journalist perfectly described the JAMC regarding their landmark debut Psychocandy.  They deftly toned the distortion way down and added acoustic guitars for their sophomore effort Darklands which lost none of the first records impact.  It’s an incredible one-two punch right out the gate for a band that would have a long and illustrious career.  Both are great but which is better.  Here’s out take…
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