EP16: Naked Raygun – Complete Discography


This week we tackle not just one record but the complete discography of one of our all-time favorites, the criminally under-recognized Naked Raygun.  We’re joined again by Chicago native Glenn P. to break down all five studio records and painfully rank our personal faves.  If you’re a fan you won’t likely be surprised by Mike and Glenn’s perspective but Rod drops a shocking proclamation that might give pause to even the most hardcore NR devotee.

Recommended Listening:
Screeching Weasel
Shot Baker Awake
Bhopal Stiffs
Pegboy  Three Chord Monte
Naked Raygun Free Shit
Naked Raygun  Vanilla Blue  / Slim
Pagboy  Field of Darkness / Walk on By
Big Black:  He’s A Whore / The Model 
What Poor Gods We Do Make
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