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EP12: Beastie Boys: VINYL CAGE MATCH “Check Your Head vs Ill Communication”

The bell rings for our first ever Vinyl Cage Match pitting two Beastie Boys classics against each other.  In the red corner it’s 1992’s Check Your Head and fighting out of the blur corner, 1994’s Ill Communication.  We can’t argue that each of these records is great but we can debate which is better.  Take a listen and see which one comes out on top.

This week’s further listening:

Money Mark:  Mark’s Keyboard Repair                       

Rollins Band:  Electro Shock Therapy                                                  

Bad Brains:  Build A Nation                                                    

Various Artists:  Sabroso: The Afro-Latin Groove                  

The Mix-Up


Dark Days                                                                                   

Roadside Prophets                                                            


Fuck You Heroes                                                                                          

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