EP8: Superchunk “On The Mouth”



#superchunk #chapelhill #huntsmanhill #mergerecords #macsuperchunk #matadorrecords

This week, it’s Chapel Hill’s finest and their pitch perfect third album On The Mouth.  Will this finally be the week that do anything but gush about how great the record is?  Doubtful.

This week’s recommended listening:

Seeing Snakes                                                                                       https://seeingsnakes.bandcamp.com            

Pogues Live in London                                                                    https://www.discogs.com/PoguesWith-Joe-Strummer-Live-In-London/release/5613643

Danzig Legacy TV Special                                                                           https://vimeo.com/178621006

Ramones Grammy museum exhibit                        http://www.grammymuseum.org/exhibits/hey-ho-let-s-go-ramones-and-the-birth-of-punk

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast w/ James Hetfield https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/887-james-hetfield/id360084272?i=1000379051059&mt=2

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